About Simply Beautiful Asians

you are beautiful

Our Vision is simple.

"We believe we can bring you happiness through beauty."
In the words of Leonardo Da Vinci ~ "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication & beauty"
In the words of Jobs ~ "Our position is at the intersection of the aesthetic sense of beauty and technology" 

Our Approach is simple.

"Relentless pursuit of perfection !"
In the word of Michel Angelo ~ "I Saw the angel in the marbel and I carved until I set him free".

Our Goal is simple.

"To create Simply Beautiful Asians - Simplicity, Beauty, & Natural".  

Our clinic is conveniently located in Chatswood.

"Choosing to enhance your appearance with cosmetic surgery is a big decision. However, if you choose the right doctor and the right practice, it will surely be a decision you will be satisfied with." 


Specialist in Asian Cosmetic Surgery
Simply Beautiful Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinic

Dr Peter Kim 

Chatswood - Monday, Wed, Fri AM, Sat AM
Suite 4, Level 1, "the Epica building", 9 Railway Street Chatswood NSW 2067
Monday, Wed, Thur, Fri, Saturday @ Chastwood

Eastwood - Tuesday, Thurs AM
116 Rowe Street Eastwood, NSW 2122

Cabramatta - Thurs PM, Sat PM
139A Cabramatta Road, Cabramatta NSW Australia

(02) 9411 4880, SMS 0433 284 880

Dr Chi-Hong Wong, Dr Janet Tsang
Mon- Fri @ Brendale, Brisbane
Shop 1, 27 South Pine Rd Brendale QLD 4500
Phone: 07 3889 9120

Opening Hours

Mon 10am - 5pm Chatswood
Tue 9am - 5pm Eastwood
Wed 10am - 3pm Chatswood
Thur 10am - 1pm Eastwood
Thur 2pm - 6pm Cabramatta
Fri 9pm - 5pm Chatswood
Sat 10am - 1pm Eastwood
Sat 2pm - 6pm Cabramatta
Closed Tue, Sun


Simply Beautiful Asians

11/2 Hughes Street,
Cabramatta NSW Australia

116 Rowe Street East
Eastwood, NSW 2122

Suite 1, Level 4,
9 Railway Street Chatswood

(02) 9411 4880
SMS 0417 068 518