About Simply Beautiful Asians

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Our Vision is simple.

"We believe we can bring you happiness through beauty."
In the words of Leonardo Da Vinci ~ "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication & beauty"
In the words of Jobs ~ "Our position is at the intersection of the aesthetic sense of beauty and technology" 

Our Approach is simple.

"Relentless pursuit of perfection !"
In the word of Michel Angelo ~ "I Saw the angel in the marbel and I carved until I set him free".

Our Goal is simple.

"To create Simply Beautiful Asians - Simplicity, Beauty, & Natural".  

Our clinic is conveniently located in Chatswood.

"Choosing to enhance your appearance with cosmetic surgery is a big decision. However, if you choose the right doctor and the right practice, it will surely be a decision you will be satisfied with." 


Specialist in Asian Cosmetic Surgery
Simply Beautiful Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinic

Dr Peter Kim 

Chatswood - Monday, Wed, Fri AM, Sat AM
Suite 4, Level 1, "the Epica building", 9 Railway Street Chatswood NSW 2067
Monday, Wed, Thur, Fri, Saturday @ Chastwood

Eastwood - Tuesday, Thurs AM
116 Rowe Street Eastwood, NSW 2122

Cabramatta - Thurs PM, Sat PM
139A Cabramatta Road, Cabramatta NSW Australia

(02) 9411 4880, SMS 0433 284 880

Dr Chi-Hong Wong, Dr Janet Tsang
Mon- Fri @ Brendale, Brisbane
Shop 1, 27 South Pine Rd Brendale QLD 4500
Phone: 07 3889 9120

About Your Doctor

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Our expertise is to create Simply Beautiful Asians~

Short Story of Dr. Kim:

  • 1997. Dr. Kim graduated from the University of Sydney, Medical School.
  • 1998 - 2002: In his early medical training years, Dr. Kim has decided to take surgical aspiration.
  • 2001 -2003: Entered and completed the Basic Surgical Traning Program and received the Basic Surgical Traning from the Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick.
  • 2003-2005: For health reasons, Dr. Kim did not continue with the advanced surgical training. Instead, he completed the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners training program and received FRACGP.
  • In 2005: With the improvement of health and due to his interest and passion for surgery Dr. Kim returned to complete the surgical training in Cosmetic Surgery.
  • 2006-2008: Advanced surgical training completed through the Australasian College of Cosmetic surgery. He received Fellowship of Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and graduated in 2008 with Gold medal (Graduated with the highest academic record).
  • Since then, underwent fellowship training in cosmetic surgery in Korea, Shanghai, and Hong Kong before returning to Australia and set up the Centre of Excellence in Asian Cosmetic Surgery.
Dr. Kim specialises in a range of cosmetic procedures for Asians. They range from cosmetic surgery to cosmetic injections to cosmetic laser treatments.

"Expertise is Everything in Cosmetic Surgery"

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Summary of awards:

Medical School              University of Sydney
Basic Surgical Training Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
Advanced Surgical Training Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery
Fellowship Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners

Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery
International Board of Cosmetic Surgery


2009 ACCS/Medfin Scholarship for best research
2010 ACCS/Allergan Scholarship for best research
2011 ACCS/Allergan Scholarship for best research
2013 ACCS/Allergan Scholarship for best research

Colin Moore's Gold Medal 2008 ACCS
Others - Cosmedical

2009           Board of Advisor for Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery
2010-Now   Board of Advisor Australian Journal of Cosmetic Surgery
2011           Board of Advisor for Slim Korea Liposuction Network & Academy
2012           Board of Advisor Journal of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine
2012           Biographed Marqui's Who's Who of the World
2015           Biographed Marqui’s Who’s Who of the World – Science, and Technology
2014           Academic committee of Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetex
2015          Trainer for the Registrar of Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery
2015-Now  Reviewer for Australian Family Physician Journal
2015-2017 Board of Director, Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery
2016           Board of Advisor, Dermatology Online Journal, Remedy Inc.
2016           Law Student, Legal Practitioners Admission Board, University of Sydney

Other - Social  


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Published medical publications are one of the most highly desirable qualities of a doctor’s expertise. 


Kim P. Treatment of Non Melanoma Skin Cancers using ALA-Photodynamic therapy utilizing "De-roofing technique". Australasian Journal of Cosmetic Surgery 2007; 3(1): 28-30.

2008 Kim P. Are Cosmetic Surgical Patients Satisfied? A Systematic Review of Evidence. Australasian Journal of Cosmetic Surgery 2008; 4(2): 16 -21.
2009 Effectiveness of ALA-Photodynamic therapy in the treatment of Basal Cell Carcinoma. Australasian Journal of Cosmetic Surgery 2008.
2010 Kim P, Kang KJ. T-Epicanthoplasty: New Surgical Treatment of Asian Mongolian Fold. Journal of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine 2010;5(1): 58-61.
2010 Kim P. Kim's Surgery - New method of accurately assessing Non Melanoma Skin Cancer margin. Journal of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine 2010; 5(2): 12.
2010 Kim P. Prophylactic Z-Plasty: Correcting helical rim deformity from wedge excision. Aus Fam Phys 2010; 39(9): 649-653.
2010 Kim P. Ahn JT. A Simple technique in Creating the Double Eyelid in Asians Using Buried Suture technique and Chung’s Forcep. Journal of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine 2010: 5(3); 20-24.
2011 Kim P. S-plasty Clinical applications for skin surgery. Aust Fam Phys 2011: 40(4); 224-5.
2011 Kim P, Jeong WH, Kim HS, Ahn JT. Analysis of perioperative blood loss following tumescent liposuction when lipoaspiration was performed without any delay after the tumescent infiltration. Journal of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine
2012 Kim P. Ahn JT. Structured Non Surgical Asian Rhinoplasty. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal. 2012: 36(3); 698-703
2012 Kim P. Retroauricular Cutaneous Advancement Flap. Aus Fam Phys 2012: 41(8); 601-602.
2013 Kim P. Advanced Cosmetic Otoplasty: Art, Science and New Clinical techniques, Springer. Chapter 37 - Various Applications of Retroauricular Advanced skin flaps to treat the surgical defect of the ear. Elsevier.
2013 Kim P. Advanced Cosmetic Otoplasty: Art, Science and New Clinical techniques, Springer. Chapter 54 - Prophylactic Z-plasty to prevent the notch deformity of the helical rim following the wedge excision of the ear. Elsevier.
2014 Kim P, Wong CH. “ V-Effect” Concept in Cosmetic Face Sculpting in Asians: An effective and a minimally invasive Non Surgical Lower face contouring in young Asians. Journal of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine 2013;7 (3): 16-21.
2015 Kim P, Wong CH. Hyaluronidase injection to precisely correct the "bottoming out" effect following the HA filler rhinoplasty. Published Americal Journal of Cosmetic Surgery
2016 Kim P. Application of Rotational Skin Flap Design in Face Lift Surgery. Submitted Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
2017 Kim P. SFS Repair & Prolong Dermal Support to minimise the stretched scars after a skin excisional surgery. Submitted American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery.




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These are our affiliations

logo accs

Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery

  • The leading provider of post graduate cosmetic surgical training in Australia.

Dr Peter Kim's association:

  • Completed cosmetic surgical training and gained the Fellowship of ACCS
  • Surgical Trainer for ACCS
  • Cosmetex 2015 Academic Committee
  • Board of Directors


logo IBCS





International Board of Cosmetic Surgery

  • The leading provider of post graduate cosmetic surgical traning internationally. Dr Kim has obtained fellowship through examination and assessment.
  • Expert panel in the round table discussion, 2012.


logo KCCS






Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr Kim's involvement:

  • One of the founding members of the Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery
  • International Advisor for the Board of Directors
  • Conference organising committee
  • Workshop and lecturer  

Accreditation Organisation

Accreditation is a process of externally confirming that the clinic is up to the Australian standard. Global Mark:

  • Specialise in ISO certification
  • Responsible for auditing and accreditation of cosmetic surgical clinic.


About Asian Cosmetic Surgeons

We are a group of a 3 well known cosmetic surgeons who specialise in Asian Cosmetic Surgery in Australia. We pursue perfection in Asian Cosmetic Surgery. And collectively our experience and expertise are regarded as the "Centre of Excellence" in Asian Cosmetic Surgery in Australia.


doctor chang photodoctor kim photodoctor chihong
Dr. Lionel Chang (Burwood Clinic, Sydney)              Dr. Peter Kim (Chatswood/Burwood Clinic, Sydney) Dr. Chi Hong Wong (Brendale Clinic, Brisbane)



Opening Hours

Mon 10am - 5pm Chatswood
Tue 9am - 5pm Eastwood
Wed 10am - 3pm Chatswood
Thur 10am - 1pm Eastwood
Thur 2pm - 6pm Cabramatta
Fri 9pm - 5pm Chatswood
Sat 10am - 1pm Eastwood
Sat 2pm - 6pm Cabramatta
Closed Tue, Sun


Simply Beautiful Asians

11/2 Hughes Street,
Cabramatta NSW Australia

116 Rowe Street East
Eastwood, NSW 2122

Suite 1, Level 4,
9 Railway Street Chatswood

(02) 9411 4880
SMS 0417 068 518