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Durable Suture Technique

Durable Suture Technique
Dr Kim's abstract submitted for presentation at the Cosmetex 2014, ACCS annual meeting.

A Simple Non Surgical Technique in Creating the Double Eyelid in Asians Using Durable Suture technique

Peter Kim
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Sixty percent of Eastern Asians (Korea, Japan, and China) lack in visible supratarsal fold, better known as double eyelid or double fold. Double fold makes one’s eye appear more open and alert, and this is a desirable characteristic in this culture.According to Millard, “the flat nose and the oriental eye were the features which seemed to lend themselves to the most striking changes with the least radical surgery”. For this reason, Double Eyelid-Plasty (DEP) is the single most popular cosmetic procedure in Asiansand a numerous successful Incisional and Non-incisional approaches have been reported. We report a simple technique of creating double eyelid non surgically.

Series of Case Studies demonstrating this non surgical technique of producing double eyelids in Asians using Chung's Forcep.


blog04 DST

Before & 3 days after photo following double eyelid plasty using buried suture technique chung's forcep.

DST is a simple, effective, and reliable method and effective method of creating Non-incisional DEP in selected Asians, and Chung’s Forcep facilitates this technique by providing a reliable template to guide the suture dermo-fixation. Using such instrument can facilitate learning of this procedure to the surgeons not already familiar with the Non Incisional Double Eyelid-plasty, and in an efficient and timely manner.


Kim P. JT Ahn.A Simple technique in Creating Double Eyelid in Asians. Journal of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine 2010: 5(3); 20-23.

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