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Nose filler injection blog

Over the years, we are seeing growth in the filler injections for the nose and significantly less surgical rhinoplasty.

Nose filler injection, filler rhinoplasty or non surgical nose enhancement are all words used to describe nose reshaping procedure using a nose filler.

There are many different types of nose fillers. We like to use Hyaluronic acid based filler because it is safer than the other fillers. And it can be reversed.

So why is it popular?

  • Nose is an essential landmark of the face. Small changes to the nose shape makes a big impact on how one look.
  • Surgery like result can be achieved with nose fillers.
  • Filler injection is simple easy procedure, takes 5-10 minutes.
  • People do not wish to have long downtime associated with the surgical rhinoplasty.
  • low downtime as it is non surgical and because the surgery like results can be achieved!

Happiness within 5 minutes and with few tiny injections.


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