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Regulation of Cosmetic Surgery

The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery today welcomed the NSW government’s consultation paper on the regulation of cosmetic surgical procedures performed in private facilities.

Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS) president Dr Ron Bezic said it was vital thatthe risks associated with all forms of surgery are properly regulated. “The College has been concerned that training for some practitioners and standards in some facilities may not beappropriate. We are pleased that the NSW Government is taking a closer look at regulationand that it is consulting with practitioners, medical colleges and the community,” Dr Bezic said.

logo accsThe College has been in the forefront of advocating for better regulation, including nationalstandards based on a recognised specialty of cosmetic surgery.“The fact that the government recognises cosmetic surgery as a distinct area of practice,requiring appropriate training and standards is a step in the right direction,” Dr Bezic said.Dr Bezic noted that the review is also a reminder to the community that all surgery carriesrisks. “It is important that anyone considering having a cosmetic surgical procedure do their

“You should inform yourself about the risks as well as the qualifications and experience ofyour surgeon before having any cosmetic procedure, no matter how minor the proceduremay seem,” Dr Bezic said.

“Just because someone has a medical degree or even a specialist qualification in anotherarea doesn’t automatically mean they can do cosmetic surgery. Everyone needs propertraining such as the ACCS provides,” Dr Bezic warned.

The ACCS has produced a useful information brochure for anyone considering a cosmetic medical or surgical procedure that can be downloaded from the College’s website: http://www.accs.org.au.

When looking for a cosmetic medical or surgical practitioner, look for the ACCS Seal and Code of Practice Seal or ask your practitioner about their education and training specifically in cosmetic medicine and surgery.



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