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If you’re thinking about enhancing the shape of your chin non-surgically, in just a few minutes and without downtime, you’ve come to the right place. Let us show you our results.

Before & After Chin Filler Lift

Before & After Chin Filler Lift

Benefits of Chin Filler Injection

There are many benefits of chin enhancement.

  • Strengthen the weak, underdeveloped chin.
  • improve the lower face profile.
  • Produced attractive V-line.
  • Better facial harmony.
  • Non-surgical procedure.
  • Quick recovery and no downtime.
  • It is affordable.

chin filler 01

Before & After Chin Filler Injection

chin filler 02
Before & After Chin Filler Injection

chin filler 03
Before & After Chin Filler Injection

What is a beautiful chin?

There are various descriptions of the ideal chin profile.

  • For the male it is usually longer, thicker and more protruded.
  • For the female, it is usually less prominent but more shapely.
  • Adequate projection is when the chin is just short of the vertical line that passes through the lip.

How does dermal filler enhance the chin?

Asians typically have a chin that is under projected and rather flat. Filler is a biocompatible gel (we only use TGA approved products) that volumises the chin when injected into it.

What is the right chin shape for me?

This entirely depends on your preference. There are various different chin shapes available for you to choose from. Some people like a pointy chin whereas others like a more rounded chin. Some men like a squarish chin which appears muscular. Some likes a dimple.

Before & After Chin Filler Injection

What is the procedure?

  • Careful planning and designing the chin shape and profile that suits you.
  • The local anaesthetic injection is given to numb the area for your comfort.
  • The Filler injection. The volume of filler injected depends on the desired amount of chin lift. 1mL of filler is usually sufficient for most people. Some requires 2-3 mL depending on the desired amount of lift and the shape.
  • Mould the filler into the final shape.

Before & After Chin Filler Injection

When can you see the result?


Before & After Chin Filler Injection

Is there a downtime?

There will be some bruising which will last about 1 week. This is usually well covered up with makeup.

Before & After Chin Filler Injection

How long does it last?

Generally 6- 9 months for the first injection.

Chin filler tends to last 1.5 to 2 years with subsequent injections.

But the longevity varies from person to person.

Before & After Chin Filler Injection

Additional Procedures?

Some peope have a strong mentalis muscle that pushes down the injected filler. In these individuals, muscle relaxing medication is usually recommended at the same time of filler injection.

This lady has a strong mentalis muscle which was relaxed.

Have a look at our Slim Face injections and Nose filler injection. These two procedures can complement the chin enhancement to create V-shape and better lateral profile.

Why us?

  • Dr Peter Kim is an experienced cosmetic doctor and has expertise in this field. Click here to read more about Dr Peter Kim.
  • Dr Kim has written a paper on V-line that was published in the Australian Journal of Cosmetic Surgery.

The next step

If you have any questions or concerns about chin filler injections, please feel free to contact us. Dr Kim has helped hundreds of patients achieve their desired results. We would be happy to discuss the procedure with you in more detail and answer any questions you may have. To book an appointment, call 9411 4880.

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