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There are numerous medications that are known to shrink and destroy the fat cells - PPC (phosphatidylcholine) is one of the well known ingredients. Unfortunately, PPC alone is usually insufficient in obtaining the desired result. For this reason, a mixture of numerous fat dissolving ingredients that have shown to be effective in fat reduction is used to maximise the result. This fat dissolving mixture is injected into the fat deposit, and over the next 4-6 weeks fat from these injected areas will dissolve. There are individual variations in the response to the injection - some will have more fat reduction than others, and usually requires mulitple treatment, but since it is non surgical and there is no downtime, fat dissolving injections are popular in our clinic.

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Before & After Fat Dissolve

What are Fat dissolving injections ?
Fat-Dissolve is a technical term used to "dissolve the fat". It is also called fat melt or fat dissolving injections. It is a non surgical procedure. Active fat dissolving ingredients are injected directly into the area of undesired fat deposit. And they do dissolve!

How does it work ?
Fat cells are spherical cells with its fatty content contained in a membrane - just like a water balloon. Lipid is the main content of the cell membrane and when it touches the lipodissolve ingredients, it bursts - like popping a water balloon. The content of the fat cell is then absorbed by the body. It is then is transported to the liver where it is removed from the body through the bowel.

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Is it right for me?s
For a large bulge of fat - surgery is the best way. We have a technology called Vaser-Liposculpture. It is the best liposculpting machine in the world. However, not everybody likes the idea of undergoing invasive procedures and not everybody has a lot of fat that requires invasive procedures. So if your expectation is realistic and don't have any contradictions, then you can benefit from Fat-Dissolve.

Who can't have them?
PPC & DC are both derived from natural soya bean. For this reason, if you have an allergy to soya bean, you can not have this injection. If you have bleeding tendencies, insulin dependent diabetes, are pregnant or under age, you can not have this treatment.

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Before & After Fat Dissolve

What are the popular treatment areas?
> Face slimming (chubby cheek)
> Double Chin
> Stomach
> Love handle
> Side and back
> Arms
> Knee

What are the ingredients ?
Fat-Dissolve is technically under the branch of cosmetic medicine called Mesotherapy. Fat-Dissolve Mesotherapy is where the doctor mixes a range of medications to dissolve the fat.

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Before & After Fat Dissolve

Our Fat-Dissolve mesotherapy ingredients include:
Phosphatidyl Choline (PPC) & Deoxycholate (DC) - these are primarily derived from natural soya bean.
Others (vitamins & essential enzymes) - produce synergistic effect of PPC and DC and reduce unwanted side effect.

Is it a new treatment?
Fat-Dissolve is not a new treatment. It has been around for over 50 years and there are many clinics all around the world who perform mesotherapy.

One of the main active ingredients Phosphotidyl Choline was first developed by a German doctor to treat a life threatening condition called "Fat embolism". Fat embolism is a condition where a fat globule gets inside the blood vessel following a trauma and it then flows within the blood vessel and gets stuck in the heart. This causes heart attack. Phosphatidyl Choline when injected into the vein, dissolves the fat globules and prevents heart attack.

Phosphotidyl Choline is not the only active ingredient but nevertheless an important one, and it has scientific rationale for fat reduction.

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Before & After Fat Dissolve

Lipodissolve in Cosmetic Medicine
Lipodissolve was popularised by Dr Franz from Sweden. He came to Australia to teach the Australian doctors how to perform lipodissolve in 2006. Dr Kim was one of the first doctors to be trained by him and we have been performing Lipodissolve for 10 years.

What happens during Fat-Dissolve?
Fat-Dissolve is not a weight reduction treatment. It only works on localised fat deposits.
> The area of undesireable fat deposit is marked.
> The fat under the skin of the marked area is then injected with Fat-Dissolve.
> Several injections are given per area to enable Fat-Dissolve to evenly spread within the localised fat deposit.
The whole procedure takes about 5 minutes.

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Before & After Fat Dissolve

Does it hurt?
Injection itself is rarely painful and it is well tolerated. Numbing cream is not required before the injection.
We do mix the Fat-Dissolve with local anaesthesia so that there is no discomfort after the injection.
We have not had any patients who have recquired oral analgesia after the Fat-Dissolve.

What can you expect after the Fat-Dissolve?
Swelling which lasts 1-2 days.
Bruising (from the injection) lasting upto 1 week. In some areas such as knees, they can last longer.
There is no restriction on daily life.
Make up can be applied immediately after the injection.

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Before & After Fat Dissolve

When can I see the result?
After each injection, it takes approximately 4 weeks to see the result.
Each injection can give you about 20% reduction.
So it is important to have 2-4 sessions of injections to obtain the desired fat reduction and body shape.

Will the fat return after Fat-Dissolve treatment?
The fat will return if you gain more weight in the future. If your weight stays same, then it is likely that the slimmed appearance will stay for a long time.
If they do return you have a choice of re-doing Fat-Dissolve.

Is Fat-Dissolve safe?
Lipodissolve has shown a very promising safety report and compared with many popular cosmetic procedures, it can be viewed as very safe. However, no medication is 100% safe.
The complications that have been noted are:
> Prolonged swelling
> Prolonged redness
> Allergic reaction
> Cystic fluid collection

Why us?
We have 10 years of experience with Fat-Dissolve.
We regularly do a lot of Fat-Dissolve injections.
Know-how on how to produce the best result for you with minimal downtime.

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Before & After Fat Dissolve

I have tried it before. It didn't work for me!
Every doctor has a different way of performing Fat-Dissolve mesotherapy. And So do we. This is our Know-How.

The key to our success is:
1. Use the correct ratio and dose of the mixture of PPC and DC - not all mixtures are equal.
2. Additional mesotherapy mixture to reduce swelling and to produce even better outcome.
3. Correct injection technique.

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Before & After Fat Dissolve

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